What is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is one of the Universal Laws that has been in use since the beginning of time. It is has a presence in every major religion around the world. It is not a religious law, it is an operational law for human application. Once it is understood it becomes quite easy to work within the operating rules of the Law of Attraction.

One thing that most people are usually shocked to find out is that they are already using the Law of Attraction on a daily basis. The problem is that they are not using it in the best format so they are not achieving the outcomes that they desire. If you can use it to create things that are less then desirable, then you can also use it to create things that are desirable and planned for.

The Law of Attraction states:

What you think about, talk about, believe, and have strong opinions about is what you will create, see, feel and experience.

It is really that simple. In other words, what you believe and focus on is what you will see and experience as your reality.

Here is a true-life example from a client of mine many years ago. I will call the client Mary, although that was not her name.

Mary was sad and depressed because she never seemed to be able to get the jobs that she wanted. After a long conversation with it I learned that she really didn't like what she did for work, she had always wanted to work in the healthcare industry but she didn't think that she was smart enough to make it through school to qualify for employment in that industry. She even applied for reception jobs at a doctor's office and clinics but never got hired.

I arranged to do a mock job interview with her. The interviewer was a friend of mine who was an HR manager for a large company, while she didn't work in the healthcare industry she knew enough about it to ask very good questions. They met at a public place at a table that was off in the corner so that it felt like a true interview for a real job. Mary arrived in her business clothes and was eager to participate in the interview.

During the "getting to know you" stage Mary did very well, she was upbeat, and answered every question in an intelligent, well thought out manner. In other words, she was "acing" this interview.

Then, once they moved into the more technical questions, the ones that would allow the interviewer to know her knowledge and dedication to the healthcare industry her entire attitude changed. She slowly slumped her shoulders and began answering the questions in an unsure, rather struggling tone, even though the answers themselves were fine, her presentation was not on point, the way she presented the answers said that she was unsure and lacked confidence in herself and her ability to do the job.

I had arranged for another person to be in the area, someone who Mary didn't know. He was actually videotaping the entire interview, which Mary didn't know. The person interviewing her knew it and was wearing a mic so that the video would have sound quality that would be acceptable to listen to and learn from.

The reality was that the HR manager would have stopped the interview once Mary began to lose her ability to demonstrate confidence. But, since this wasn't a real interview she kept going she continued on through the full, usual protocol of a job interview. As it went on Mary got further and further unsure of herself and her answers, it became almost painful to watch.

At the end of the interview, it was agreed that I would come to the table once I was called by the HR manager. When I arrived Mary was back to her usual upright seated position and her normal confident-self, and she was no longer stumbling over her words.

I had not watched the interview, so I didn't know the full details. I asked Mary how it went, and she said: "I think it was probably the best interview I have ever done, I felt so comfortable and calm."

Then, I looked at my HR friend and I could tell by the look in her eyes that she had a very different opinion. She said that in her opinion she would not have hired Mary and the reason would become clear to everyone once we all viewed the video. Mary was surprised at that moment that there was a video being taken but became grateful for it a few minutes later.

We all gathered around as the video was played on a laptop, Mary was horrified when she saw herself droop down and begin answering the questions as though she was totally unqualified and had no knowledge on the subject. It was at that point that the HR manager said "Mary, if I had a real job to offer you, you would have qualified with your knowledge and your personality, you have what it takes to work in a support role in the healthcare field, but you don't believe that you are qualified, so you present to me that you are not qualified, even though it is a total conflict with reality."

Over the next few weeks, we discussed all of this in our sessions and began an therapeutic effort to help Mary understand why this was happening, especially since she had no idea that it was happening at all. Mary watched the video several times over so that she could learn as much as possible and work at loosing the fear associated with the interview process. Over the weeks that followed that fake interview it came out that Mary had written a paper in elementary school about her desire to be a nurse. She got a D on the paper and the teacher wrote that she could never accomplish that goal unless she improved her math and English skills. It broke her heart, she talked to her parents about it and they agreed with the teacher. So, she gave up on her goal.....and more importantly, she gave up on herself. She was only 12-years-old when she gave up on herself and her future!

As Mary, who was now in her early 30's sat there telling me the story tears flowed down her cheeks, she was really feeling the pain of that day. I asked her if she had ever had another career goal after that and she said that she hadn't because "there was no point, almost everything involved math and English in one way or another."

Over the next few weeks we worked at reprogramming Mary's poor beliefs in herself. As soon as she could see that there was the possibility for other options, I introduced her to the concept of the Law of Attraction and explained to her that she had been attracting all of this negativity because she believed the concept that her elementary teacher had all those years ago. I explained to her that she was proving the teacher right instead of proving her wrong. And the way the law of attraction works is that is doesn't matter if it is positive or negative, you will accomplish whatever it is that you believe that you are going to accomplish and whatever you put effort into accomplishing. It was obvious to Mary that she was putting effort into accomplishing that she COULD NOT work in the healthcare industry, even though she didn't know that was what she was doing.

I did some research on a local training school for support staff in the healthcare industry. I went to the school and checked out the environment and found out that when a person comes in to inquire they immediately take an aptitude test to see which of their many programs that person would fit into best. So, for the next week's appointment, I asked Mary to meet me at a restaurant and we had lunch, she thought that it was just a way to get out of the normal, somewhat negative environment that our sessions had been dealing with.

During lunch, I told her about the school and the aptitude test and told her that I had set an appointment for her that was 30 minutes from that time. Of course, her first response was to panic, but I reminded her of all the re-writing of beliefs that she had done in our prior sessions. So, she quickly re-stated her somewhat stressful moment into "Well, why not, the worst is that I can't qualify and then we'll know for sure, and the best is........" She was unable to finish that sentence because she had never really actually seen herself as able to qualify to work in the field. That again brought tears to her eyes because she truly saw the limiting beliefs that she had been carrying for all those years, they were not even her beliefs, they were implanted upon her by a teacher who was very thoughtless.

Thirty minutes later we walked into the school which was right across the street from the place we had lunch. Mary was nervous but the staff was kind and understood her situation since I had previously visited and explained what she was facing. They took us on a tour of the school and discussed their many programs and about an hour later it was time for Mary to take the aptitude test.

She went into the computer room and took the test, coming out about 45-minutes later with a very stressed look on her face. She said that she was unsure of her ability to get the questions right, but instead of panicking she just continued on. She said that she kept repeating to herself that this was just a mock test and it really didn't mean anything, which helped her calm down.

A few minutes later the school's new student representative that had been working with us came back into the room and said "CONGRATULATIONS MARY! You scored an almost perfect score, you missed only one question. You qualify for any program we offer and we would be thrilled to also offer you a scholarship due to your test scores." Mary's response was one of shock and dismay, and she even said: "are you sure that was my test you are talking about?"

About a year later Mary graduated and got a job at a local hospital as a phlebotomist, a person who draws blood.

After she graduated I asked Mary to review the situation and she said that she was grateful to have mastered using the Law of Attraction, but now she is very happy to be using it in a way to be getting what she desires instead of what she most hates and fears. She also said "it is truly shocking how easy it is to get what you put your efforts into, and I learned that I need to make sure exactly what it is that I desire before I get stuck with something that I really don't want."

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